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A great Life requires plenty of day to day communication and much of it will be oral. From friendly banter and job interviews to important speeches and presentation, your verbal communication skills will benefit from the crystal clear pronunciation possible with an aligned smile & Straight teeth. In addition, Straight teeth keep your jaw in stable and comfortable positions. You can have a clear speech with great confidence level.


We have taken all efforts to bring comfort at your zone by having fun and lively facts of dentistry into practice.
You probably know periodic servings of fruits and vegetables a day are ideal for health. But, do you ever come across a factor that straight teeth promote health as well? The health of your gums and the soft tissues of the mouth depend on aligned teeth. It’s easier to clean the straight teeth and access all of the spaces in your mouth for brushing and flossing cleanly. You’re also less likely to damage the soft tissues of the mouth during your physical activity. You can have a happy bite at anytime.


Pickering to Peterborough, Ajax to Bowmanville, Oshawa or Whitby you can confidently wear winsome smile with the help of Ajax NS Dental where dentistry is practised to perfection.
Are you unhappy with your smile due to your teeth? Do you smile with your mouth closed in photos because you’re embarrassed? Don’t worry, Having clear and straight teeth can have a major impact on your happiness level, stress levels, performance at work and also your social life! So if you’re unhappy with your existing smile, it’s time to do something about it with Ajax Ns Dental. Investing in your happiness is always something we’re happy to help, so check out our Braces, Invisaligns and Incognito treatments for your wellness.


People having crooked teeth or gapping can be self-conscious. Sometimes they might avoid smiling or cover their mouths with their hands for hiding their images. Such a self-consciousness can be mistaken for shyness or lack of ability. Alternately, if you are having straight teeth which can allow you to open up and express a positive self-image without hiding.

Recent Studies have shown that people with more ideal smiles are perceived as more intelligent, thus having a greater chance of finding good job as compared to people with less ideal smiles which means that beautiful straight teeth can actually improve your income and career path! Why not to give yourself Step into Ajax NS Dental for great smile.

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