Panoramic Imaging

A Panorex image is an X-ray that depicts a panoramic view of your mouth, from one side to the other. This image can help the dentist understand the relationship between your teeth, jaws, and occlusion (bite, or how your top and bottom teeth fit together). When planning extensive restorative or cosmetic cases, a Panorex may be necessary in addition to intra- and extra-oral photos and digital X-rays.

Simple as One, Two, Three

Use the KODAK 8000 System to deliver clear, easy-to-diagnose digital panoramic images. From TMJ to maxillary sinus images, the intuitive digital panoramic x-ray generates the high-quality images you need to make accurate diagnoses on the spot—no waiting required. Simply put, it’s one of the easiest and most affordable panoramic imaging systems available.

The KODAK 8000 System offers the following imaging options:

TMJ (2 or 4 views)


Segmented Panoramic

Maxillary Sinus

Extend the diagnostic capabilities of your KODAK 8000 System with our digital cephalometric option.

Digital Panoramic System

Powerfully Simple, Surprisingly Affordable

The epitome of simplicity, the new and improved version of the KODAK 8000 System delivers clear, optimally exposed panoramic images in seconds. Providing immediate access to your extraoral images, the system lets you make accurate diagnoses on the spot, so you can easily communicate treatment options to your patients.

Recommended for standard dental exams, implant evaluations and oral surgeries such as extraction plannings, crown-to-root evaluations and TMJ evaluations.

New and improved:
Enhanced image quality
Ethernet connection for easier installation

Features and Benefits:

The KODAK 8000 System provide the following features:

User-Friendly Design

Unlike most digital panoramic x-ray systems that position patients with their backs to the operator, the KODAK 8000 System is designed for face-to-face positioning. The ergonomically friendly design also provides easy access for all patients, including those with disabilities.

Real-Time Images

The KODAK 8000 System makes it easy to capture crystal-clear panoramic, TMJ, segmented panoramic and maxillary sinus images—with no waiting required. Capture extraoral images in just over a second and expose them in a single shot with the digital x-ray that provides clear, optimally exposed panoramic images in the blink of an eye.

Enhanced Image Quality

Our full suite of digital imaging software offers a variety of image processing abilities. Featuring the latest software processing algorithms, the improved KODAK 8000 System delivers clearer and sharper clinical details. The result: high-diagnostic value images.

Maximum Safety

Powered by a high-frequency generator, the KODAK 8000 System ensures radiation remains constant during the exposure. So you receive high-quality, optimally contrasted digital images with less radiation generation than conventional generators.

Imaging Software for Windows

KODAK Dental Imaging Software serves as the control panel for all of our digital imaging systems. Its flexible user interface has been designed specifically for dental radiological diagnosis, and can be used as a standalone program or integrated with your practice management software. Download the free KODAK Acquistion Module for even more abilities.

Communicate More Effectively

Help patients understand their options through clean, clear images. Our powerful image manipulation tools, including picture management and archiving functions, help improve patient communication. And the software keeps your staff working more efficiently: each user can easily customize his or her own toolbars and each time a specific user logs on, KODAK Dental Imaging Software remembers his or her settings.

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